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What are Your Project Manager Responsibilities?

A good project leader should always be up to par with the project management responsibilities such as the development of the project and dealing and predicting the road blocks that may be encountered. A project manager is primarily responsible for planning and executing a plan. Defining the scope of a plan and establishing the goals and objectives of its clients is the first responsibility that must be accomplished. Through this a project manager would be able to generate a project plan that would best deliver the set goals and objectives. A project manager is also in charge in building a schedule, estimating the time, costs and resources that the project will consume. He will also have to produce a team whose skills and abilities are applicable to the project.

A project manager is responsible for the execution of a project. Execution is most probably one of the hardest and most crucial among the duties of a project manager. These are the actual processes defined during the planning stage that are now being put into action and executed in order to complete the project. Detailed coordination with the team members and tasks whose completion is usually dependent other, management of schedule and resources and project productivity is the underlying responsibilities in the execution phase. While these processes are done, the progress of a project should be constantly monitored in order to be able to control time, costs, resources and any risks that may occur within the project life cycle. Project tracking is essential for the successful completion of a venture or a plan. The use of project management software whose main purpose is to assist and provide applications that will enhance project productivity through shared folders and plans, uncomplicated online team management and other project tracking applications would also greatly benefit a project.

However, one important factor that needs a project leader’s attention is people management. For huge projects, it is anticipated that a project manager won’t be able to deal or even interact with his people at all times. There is a huge possibility that due to the long chain of command that most large projects have, important factors that has affected or is disturbing the sequence of tasks, that will require the project manager’s immediate attention might not be easily tracked. An easy and reliable way to solve this kind of problem is through the usage of online planning software or web based project management software. Project information such as time schedule, tasks and responsibilities of each person, project updates and progress and a whole lot of statistics is stored in an accessible online depository database. Monitoring, controlling and communication within the team would be easily done thus allowing a project manager to concentrate on factors are important and needs immediate attention.

A project manager usually has a lot on his plate. The question really is how a project manager will efficiently handle the tasks and responsibilities laid before him. Quite simple really, determination, knowledge of the ins and outs of a project throughout its life cycle and ownership of the said responsibilities will help in producing a successful project.

About the author
Jason Westland has been a project manager for the past 15 years. He has recently published a new book called “A Project Management Life Cycle” and owns his own project management software company. If you would like to find out more about Project management templates visit his website at


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