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What is in a name? Well, not much, most of the time. But it isn’t true all of the time.

AllMost… well, we will come back to this shortly.

Let us first tell you a bit about Celeroo.

Celer means “swift”, “fast”, and “rapid” in Latin. You certainly know “accelerate”.

The symbol for the speed of light (c) is derived from the Latin “Celeritas”, also meaning “swiftness” or “speed”.

The text in the photograph to the right has been superimposed and is not Einstein’s. But Celeroo is still genius at work.

Since Celeroo helps build web applications at lightning speeds, we decided it would be apt to use celer.

So, what is “oo” doing in Celeroo? Ooh…la…la.

The technically inclined may want to think of it as “Object Oriented” Programming…that is fine by us. But…oops…that was not what we thought.

We just wanted to sound cool because while we do serious work, we believe we should have fun doing it.

“And thus was born the cool sounding CELEROO.”

The by-line “Ideas to Apps – SWIFTLY” summarizes what Celeroo does.

You ask “What is Celeroo?”
Ideas is what you do
Helps realize them Celeroo
Serious, creative work we do
We do that with Celeroo
We enjoy doing what we do
So will YOU with Celeroo
Swiftly Builds Apps Celeroo
Let’s have fun with … CELEROO

So, what is in a name? Well, not much, most of the time. But it isn’t true all of the time.

Celeroo does say a lot.

That brings us back to AllMost

Why would we name our blog Allmostapp? Are we not saying that Celeroo helps build apps cheaper, faster and better?

And what is the deal with that “wrong” spelling?

Not so fast. Hold your horses!

Let us dissect the “wrong” spelling.

All Most App

With Celeroo, you can build ALL for most of your apps and MOST for all your apps.

Let us be more specific.

If you are building a database driven application using PHP, you can build ALL of your application and download the code, ready for integration with your UI and/or upload into your server.

“And all this can be done by the business analyst with no programming background.”

If, however, your programming language is not PHP, you still get a fully functional app.

  • You can quickly build an app based on client requirements
  • The client and you can communicate and/or collaborate to make quick changes and see the final app
  • Instead of giving hundreds of pages of documents to your development and QA teams describing the app, you can give them a short summary and a powerful fully functional app to guide them in their coding
  • All the stakeholders thus will be on the same page, avoiding issues with misunderstood requirements and communication gaps

If you are thinking the word prototype, we will say it is that and a lot more. With a fully functional app,

  • you can use the SQL scripts for the database
  • you can view your app with and without dummy data that will help you have a clear picture of how the app will look when filled with data
  • if you feel changes need to be made, they can be made in a jiffy, new DB created and the new app ready

So you don’t get a prototype. You get an almost app, or the way we put it, an Allmostapp.

So, again, what is in a name? Well, not much, most of the time.

But it isn’t true all of the time.

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