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Writing enterprise class code in PHP

Many people assume incorrectly that open source languages like PHP are not suitable for serious applications. The reason for this misconception lies with the coder’s discipline rather than any
inadequacies of the language.

Most PHP coders are used to building small applications and hence miss out some simple yet crucial guidelines needed for serious enterprise class applications. Read more

Coding guidelines and best practices

Your customer will, of course, want you to develop applications as fast as possible without compromising on scalability and maintainability.

Besides improving your coding skills, there are a few other options that can enhance the speed of development. Read more

Naming conventions and guidelines

File names should be descriptive so it becomes clear what the script or view does just by looking at the name. When more than one word is required, the two words in the file name should be connected by an underscore.

The most recommended directory structure is following the MVC concept. Read more

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