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Celeroo Builder Highlights
Cheapest And Fastest Way To Build PHP Applications
Celeroo Req 'n Spec product fully integrated
Build pages (WYSIWYG) - creates DB automatically
Import DB tables - creates pages with a few clicks
Build logic without coding
Set access permissions for user types
Access required features at each step of development
Generate app and save up to 5 versions of each app
View app with or without automatically generated test data
Download PHP 5 code in MVC architecture
Get real time status of project progress
What are Celeroo Builder users saying?
Free Trial Req 'n Spec Watch Video
Manage requirements and changes with extreme ease. For more detailed screenshots, visit the Celeroo Req 'n Spec product page or watch videos.
Pricing Plans
celeroo bullet No-obligation, no-risk 1-month FREE trial. No credit card asked.
celeroo bullet One project is only $99 per month.
celeroo bullet Each additional project is only $75 per month. See image to calculate cost.
celeroo bullet Archived projects DO NOT count towards your plan. So, your plan is only the number of apps you want to work on simultaneously. For example, if you have a 2-project plan, you can archive them when completed and start new projects without having to upgrade the plan.
celeroo bullet Unlimited users in all plans.
celeroo bullet Storage space of 3 GB per project. Space occupied by archived apps also counts towards storage.
celeroo bullet Cancel your account any time.
celeroo bullet Conveniently switch between Celeroo Builder and Celeroo Req 'n Spec products and have all your information readily available to work with.
Benefits to you
Arrow Save up to 95% in coding and bug-fixing time. Obviously, time is money.
Arrow Use fewer resources per project.
Arrow Pay only for what you use.
Arrow No hardware or software installations. 
Arrow One month free trial with no obligations. 
Arrow Implement changes in a jiffy and download the updated code.
Arrow Manage requirements and changes easily and efficiently.
Arrow Almost zero learning curve.
Arrow Reduced bug-fixing time due to automation of most tasks.
Arrow Clients are in business faster.
Arrow Download PHP code (MVC architecture).
Arrow Download DB schema and tables.
Arrow Irrespective of the coding language, submit an Allmostapp (What is it?) with your RFP response and stand out from your competitors.
Arrow View generated app with and without data. An app with data looks drastically different from the one without data. Helps you identify and fix issues before launching to the users, not after. 
Arrow Build functional spec easily and efficiently.
Arrow Req ‘n spec traced to automatically identify all functionalities affected by any change. 
Arrow Manage all project related communication in one place.
Free Trial Req 'n Spec Watch Video
  100% Web Based Platform as a Service
circle icn No hardware or software to install and no servers to maintain.
circle icn Easy to use web based user interface.
circle icn Highest levels of security with 256-bit SSL encryption.
  Manage Req 'n Spec
circle icn Collaborate with the client to write requirements.
circle icn Total flexibility in managing requirements using tags that help in prioritizing them, managing change requests, etc.
circle icn Version control to help identify changes.
circle icn Build spec easily by writing detailed features or user stories. Suitable for both Waterfall and Agile methodologies.
circle icn Trace each requirement to one or more features in the spec.
circle icn Automatic traceability matrix to help identify the impact of any change in requirements on the spec, and to ensure that no requirement is left out of the spec.
circle icn Print requirements and functional specs.
circle icn Send messages to all stakeholders.
circle icn Manage all project related communication in one place.
circle icn Upload and share documents.
  Build Pages
circle icn WYSIWYG
circle icn Drag and drop elements to lay out pages (screens) as you visualize for the application.
circle icn Automatic DB creation while creating the pages.
circle icn Import SQL and create pages in minitues from imported TABLEs.
circle icn Assign properties and behaviors to elements.
circle icn Incorporate Ajax suggestion and uniqueness check effects in your apps (more Ajax effects coming soon).
circle icn Make edits and changes quickly.
circle icn Simple interface to include a page in multiple pages in one go. Useful for adding header, footer etc.
circle icn Save repetitive work by copying elements between pages.
  Build Logic
circle icn Intelligent business rules engine in plain English to build logic.
circle icn Simple enough for a non-technical business analyst to use.
circle icn Auto Authorization and login logic for user types.
circle icn Can build simple to complex level queries without writing any code.
circle icn Conveniently assign rules to pages, blocks and fields, all from one page.
circle icn Give access permissions to various user types (e.g., admin, guest, registered user, etc.) for all app elements from a single page.
  Generate App
circle icn Automatically generate app and DB tables.
circle icn Download PHP code in MVC architecture.
circle icn Save upto 5 versions for each app.
circle icn Download DB schema and tables.
circle icn Download Python (Django) models.
circle icn Download Ruby on Rails data migrations.
circle icn Print DB entity diagrams.
circle icn View app with or without automatically generated test data (viewing a newly created app without data is like looking at the famous “Emperor with new clothes”). celeroo smiley 
circle icn Archive completed apps so they don't count in your billing plans.
Free Trial Req 'n Spec Watch Video
 Next Steps (outside of Celeroo Builder)
  • Integrate third-party plugins like SMS, text editors, etc., IF ANY.
  • Integrate downloaded code with your UI.
  • Deploy in your server.
  • Add or edit code as required.
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