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Celeroo Frame
                    A Developer-Centric Lean, Flexible and Transparent PHP Framework
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  Hello, I am Celeroo Frame.  As you can see from my picture, I am lean, I am
and I am
  transparent (transparent).  And, this unique combination makes me POWERFUL.
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So, how may I help you?
Let me first understand your background and needs.
Your programming needs are simple and so you want a short learning curve to get started.

You want robustness but without unnecessary complexity.

Your tools should cover what you need in 90% of the cases and be simple rather than succumb to the rare-case-syndrome that demand feature overload.
You want to have a way to automate routine and boring tasks.

Your tool should just do that and give you a lot of freedom to turn it upside down to fit your needs.

It should not demand that you change.  After all, you know it all.  So, you should decide how it should work for you, and not be dictated to by its stringent rules.
Interestingly, none of the PHP frameworks out there meet these diverse needs.

That is where I, Celeroo Frame, come in.  You are and will remain in control.  I am only there to help you achieve your goals – cheaper, faster and better.

And yes, I am MVC, if you wanted to know that.
I am Lightweight 
I weigh only 45KB when zipped and only about 125KB when unzipped…oops. Don’t worry! I come to you all zipped up only.

We looked at a hundred-odd different apps we built in PHP and put only those features that are absolutely essential in a framework. 

So, your apps don’t become big because you use Celeroo Frame.  Another advantage of having only essential features is that it is really easy to learn.  Our “exhaustive” documentation runs into all of 6 pages.  Yes, it runs into all of SIX pages.

So, if you are a beginner, I will get you started in a day and if you are an expert, you may need just a few minutes.
Celeroo Frame Download  Documentation
I am Flexible 
We believe we are all adults and need not be tied down by unnecessary rules and regulations. The premise is that giving flexibility results in creativity. I am flexible enough to let you be in control and not dictate to you how you should be doing things. After all, I am here to help, that’s all.

For example, you are not forced to use Model if you don't want to. There is no fixed way of loading models if you use them. There are no hard rules for the view layer.

I provide you with ready libraries for performing common tasks, with a flexible environment, and with a development process that makes you work easier and faster.  
Celeroo Frame Download  Documentation
I am Transparent 
Any open source platform must allow the developer to structure it the way he or she likes. So, a framework, while helping the beginners to speed things up must allow the advanced users to change the core to fit their needs.

You can see through me (you don’t have to be Superman or need X-ray vision for that) and see for yourself how every piece works. You can then modify any part of the code. Yes, any part of the code, even the core of the framework. 
Celeroo Frame Download  Documentation
Fewer Features 
Celeroo Frame has fewer features than the other popular frameworks.  But, then our intention was not to build the most exhaustive of the frameworks.  We only wanted to provide the benefits of lean, flexible and transparent.  And so, Celeroo Frame can be summarized as:
  • MVC Framework for PHP and MySQL
  • Ready libraries for performing common tasks
  • Small and simple to install
  • Easy to configure
  • Fast performing
  • No need for command line or root access
  • No overload of things that you don't use
  • Simple HTML based templates (no template language needed)
  • No complex and pointless class and template loaders
  • Ability to change anything to fit to your liking
OOPs! Our controller is procedural.

We chose to have a procedural controller because of:
  • the freedom it gives to create objects, call variables, read globals, etc.
  • speed (less server load)
  • independence from special loaders for objects and libraries
  • less typing
Of course, as it provides direct access to global variables, be careful not to mess them up. And, be a bit more disciplined to have the code look organized.

For those who want everything in OOP, it should be a piece of cake modifying the index file and start using object controllers.
Celeroo Frame is a framework for PHP/MySQL development and has built in advantages for real easy work with this environment.

And of course, it is absolutely free and will remain so forever.  
Celeroo Frame Download  Documentation
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