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Celeroo Req ’n Spec Highlights
Smartest way of Requirements Management and Change Management
Organize requirements in infinite ways
Save and compare between unlimited versions of reqs
Trace req to spec with auto generated traceability matrix
Write features to suit Agile or Waterfall methodologies
Start and follow discussions on individual reqs and features
Generate documents in various formats
Get live progress status with no additional input from users
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Use tags to organize and filter requirements. Use them to categorize by modules, development phases, etc., to prioritize, or to mark them as change requests wherever needed.
Pricing Plans
celeroo bullet No-obligation, no-risk 15-day FREE trial. No credit card asked.
celeroo bullet Manage up to 5 projects for as little as $29 per month.
celeroo bullet Each additional project is only $5 per month. See image to calculate cost.
Req n Spec Pricing
celeroo bullet Archived projects DO NOT count towards your plan.
celeroo bullet Unlimited users in all plans.
Requirements Management Software Pricing
celeroo bullet Storage space of 3 GB per project.
celeroo bullet Cancel your account any time.
celeroo bullet Conveniently switch between Celeroo Req 'n Spec and Celeroo Builder products and have all your information readily available to work with.
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