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Celeroo Req 'n Spec
"Any company with 10 people and 3 projects is losing money every day of NOT using Celeroo."
Susheel R, Cancri Technologies
"Celeroo is a fantastic tool. Being a business analyst at core, and working heavily with web 2.0 ventures with a lot of PHP requirements, I always had a need to streamline my development efforts.

With Celeroo, I am able to save an enormous amount of time specifically using their Req 'n Spec feature.

I am now saving a lot of time and money with my PHP development initiatives, by using Celeroo."
Khalid H, CEO, Cobra Holdings 
Celeroo Builder
"When I first saw it, I thought it was another s/w which throws false promises in development. But when I tried it for my demo project it has shown its competency. We usually allocate 15-20 hrs for the development of the demo. But it’s really wonderful, the demo was developed within 5hours including 1hour of learning the system. The demo was delivered and we saved our time. Thanks to Celeroo..."
Satish, Docileinfotech
"It was a pleasure working on Celeroo Builder. It reduced development time considerably. I especially liked the ability to maintain app versions and the good MVC architecture. I wish all success to Celeroo Builder."
Mallesh Reddy, PHP programmer, Warriorz Technologies
"When I first started building my application using Celeroo Builder, I found it difficult to understand. Once I used it and understood it, I found it to be the simplest way to build any application in PHP.

It reduces the need for writing code and even eliminates the code for writing CSS and front end HTML controls (Form elements).

Another nice thing about this is you can build your logic separately and can attach it by just selecting from dropdown menus.

Whenever you want to create a form for submitting data into DB, you do not need to create a DB table for that. Celeroo Builder managed all things; all I needed to create was just the form, and Celeroo Builder created the DB table."
Er. Sandeep Tailor, TM Networks 
"... Advantages [of Celeroo Builder]:
Validating the element is easy.
Drag and drop option to create form elements.
Get the generated script in MVC pattern
Importing blocks from page to another page
Including a page in another page
... You have done a good job... Great..."
Saikumar K, Senior Software Engineer, Trigent Software Ltd.
Celeroo Frame
"Celeroo MVC is a nice simple concept and one that one can grow easily as one needs it which is great. Furthermore, if one makes the effort to understand the workings (which is very simple to do) one can modify it to suit ones needs as applications grow.

In my view, that is so important as if you rely on a commercial one that is usually very complicated, you are usually very restricted and cannot easily modify it to do what you want or solve problems whn it goes wrong."
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